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Secure Messaging Solutions

Complete Transparent Messaging Security

TFS Secure Messaging from TFS Technology provides a complete level of messaging security that is transparent to the end user. Acting as a messaging firewall, the product is located between your company's network and the Internet and acts as a single point of control for managing messaging security. The breadth of the security tools included - encryption, virus scanning, key management, digital signature and authentication, content and location filtering, etc. - ensure that there are no holes in the messaging firewall that might allow the wrong people to gain access to your company's proprietary data.

TFS Secure Messaging-Server is the market�s most advanced server based e-mail security and management solution for MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise as well as other SMTP based e-mail systems. Designed as an integral add-on for LAN based E-Mail systems, TFS Secure Messaging-Server, is transparent to the end user, policy based and provides a comprehensive encryption security, filtering, gateway connectivity, and anti-virus solution for an organization's e-mail system.

TFS Secure Messaging offers you the only solution you will need to protect your messaging systems and help guard your company assets. This solution allows for such complete customization that individual departments within a company can specifically identify and set-up the degree of messaging security that they require.

    TFS Secure Messaging

TFS Secure Messaging is compatible with the most popular email programs, including Lotus Notes, cc:Mail, FirstClass, MS Exchange, MHS, MS Mail and Novell GroupWise.

Additional Secure Messaging Solutions

In addition to TFS Secure Messaging, three other messaging solutions are available:

  TFS Gateway
TFS Gateway allows for seamless connectivity between disparate email systems, mobile phones and pagers. This complete solution redefines the standard by which gateway products are measured. TFS Gateway is ideal for various types of users including small-site dial-up and leased line connections, organizations involved with email migration issues, and organizations whose email addresses involve special requirements, such as utilization of special character sets and virus scanning. 

TFS Secure Document Delivery
TFS Secure Document Delivery is an innovative network product that works together with your current email system to deliver documents securely over the Internet. Using your current mail client (which can be any mail client connected to an email server), you can send any kind of document securely to anybody having access to the Internet.

TFS MailReport
It has been predicted that there could be one billion email boxes by the year 2004. It�s clear that email has to be managed to avoid breaches in information security that can hinder and even cripple your organization. TFS MailReport 2.0 helps you in this task with its easy-to-use, easy-to-generate comprehensive email reporting and analysis, from a high-level organizational viewpoint, or down to a specific, individual user.

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